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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Entry 6: Advantages and disadvantages of tape recorder.

On the lesson of Study Skills we learnt how to take notes during the lecture. We found that we can use tape recorder as help to our taking notes. I think that using tape recorder is useful in one hand, but in other one it is not comfortable. When you take notes, you try to understand the main idea of lecture. You receive information through eye contact, teacher’s gestures and body language. If teacher allows you to use tape recorder you can do this. It is useful when you can look through lecture again after the lesson. You can remember all things in details. But if you didn’t listen to the lecture you won’t be able to recall many useful things. I think that you should listen to the teacher during the lecture and do not rely on your recorder. It is better to listen to the real person, but not to the recorder


  1. I totally agree with you))))You're best of the best. Чмок-чмок)))))))

  2. You are totally right :D i also think that listen to the real person is better then listen the recorder